Light Painting Delicate Arch

One of my goals this NXNW Photography trip to Moab was to do some light painting and so the group decided that the first spot would be to Delicate Arch for sunset and then hang around for the sun to go down and to paint the famous arch. If you have never been to Delicate Arch it’s a strenuous 1.5 mile hike up slick rock and I found out that carrying a large backpack with multiple lenses and lighting gear that I wasn’t in much in shape as I was the previous time.  It’s definitely something I need to work on and one of my goals for this year.

We arrived to find a large crowd waiting for sunset.  It was like a party except there wasn’t a feature band there ready to play.  People had wine and cheese, just sitting around for the sunset. It’s definitely more crowded during this busy season than in the Winter when I like to go out to the Moab area.

When it finally came time to light up the arch there was another group there doing a workshop and it was led by non-other than the exceptional sports photographer Dave Black.  We had run into Dave Black and his workshop group the previous day while we were at Cisco, Utah so it was coincidence that bumped into the group again. I had hoped to tryout my new Brinkmann Dual Xenon Spotlight in light painting Delicate Arch, but allowed Dave to do the work.  He was kind and allowed us to participate with his group since we had gone up for the same activity.

I did come away with the image I was looking for which was a bonus. I call it Delicately Glowing. Tomorrow I’ll share with you Light Painting at Double Arch again and with the use of the Brinkmann.

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Justin Balog Michael Criswell Mark Garbowski Bob Lussier Chris Nitz Dave Wilson

Light Painting Delicate Arch by Rick Louie Photography
Delicately Glowing – Click to enlarge/purchase

Capture Notes:

  • This is really exceptional Rick. What a beauty!

  • ljsaltiel

    That is a great hike Rick. Love this image. It is one of your best.

  • Michael Criswell

    Sweet image, such a great time!