Little House on the Prairie

I went to shoot the Rocky Mountain Region Porsche Club Racing event this weekend out at High Plains Raceway. The event gives me an excuse to get up early and head out to the Eastern Plains of Colorado to look for some “Americana” and hopefully find a nice sunrise as well.

The sky this past Saturday was cloudless so it didn’t really make for a great sunrise, but I was on a mission to find Americana. Driving past Last Chance, Colorado I spotted this old abandoned house in the distance out on the prairie. Weathered wood gives off a nice patina glow when the sun hits it in the morning. I remember that from shooting the Thomas Moulton Barn in the Grand Tetons.  As the sun rose off the horizon, the glow of the house turned more golden and made for a nice contrast against the open plains.  I found my piece of Americana!  I think I need to spend some more time out in this area and venture out into the abandoned houses.  I’m sure the scenes inside the houses will tell an even better story.

An abandoned house on the eastern plains of Colorado just outside of Last Chance, Colorado
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  • This reminds me of the house of Courage the COwardly Dog.
    I am used to live in houses that share common walls with neighbors, these kind of house will make someone like me feel very lonely

    • Navin, I had never seen that cartoon. It does look like the house from that show!

  • This is an wonderfully composed shot Rick. Very cool find.

  • The light in this one is just beautiful Rick. Stunning work.

  • I like that there are two trees in the front of the house. I’d love to see what you find in those abandoned homes too. Sure wish I could own one of these and just relax to the views!

  • Americana indeed 🙂 Lovely shot Rick. this looks like it could have been taken 50 yrs ago.

  • Man that is some golden light! Nice Rick!

  • Judy Lee

    You really captured a wonderful atmosphere in this shot. Can’t wait to see more!

  • Perfectly named post, Rick. What a great shot with that golden light. Nice composition, man.

  • Very cool! Nicely composed, and great light.

  • Very cool shot Rick! The composition is great! I like how the shot warms up as you get deeper into it.

  • What a place to have lived! The contrast between the golden warmth on the house and the coldness of the ground adds a lot to this. Nice shot, Rick

  • Ha, have to agree with Navin. Looks awesome though!

  • What an astonishing image here, Rick, I LOVE the natural drama in this composition!

  • Wonderfull.golden light with good it