LoDo Glow | Lower Downtown Denver

I thought I would share another image from Lower Downtown Denver (LoDo).  This one really caught my eye with the red glow of the DaVita Building and also I was able to capture some light trails from the light rail trains moving past. This image was captured during blue hour and gave a nice contrast to the orange glow of the trains. Union Station and the red of the DaVita skyrise.

I have a little project working and hope to capture more of Denver over the next year so this was a nice start.  I’ll post an image I took a few years ago coming up so you can see a before and after of this area.  It is interesting to see the growth of buildings that has occurred. Hopefully I’ll be able to capture it again when the building is finished in LoDo.  Hopefully I have this wonderful private capture point in a couple of years to continue this perspective of Lower Downtown Denver.

The Glow of Lower Downtown Denver during blue hour
LoDo Glow | Click to Enlarge/Purchase
  • Such a great city to photograph Rick. You are truly lucky living there. Gotta love that blue hour light which only enhances the city.