Long Shadows

I was looking through my images from my last trip to New York and came across some images in Central Park.  I remember seeing this scene in Central Park next to the Mall area.  Long shadows filled this grassy opening. When I saw the scene I had to shoot it, but just couldn’t come up with the look I wanted on the LCD, but I thought I might see something when I started processing. Well this evening I started looking at the images and decided to process this in a high-key fashion to give it that dreamy feel that I had when I was in the park. It just seemed surreal the way the light was shining through the trees and leaves with the late afternoon sun. It’s my artistic interpretation of the scene that late afternoon in Central Park.

Long Shadows - Long afternoon shadows in Central Park, New York, New York.
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  • Excellent choice for B&W Rick. The tones and sunburst rock.

  • Definitely captures the feel of this time of year. Hope you had a good visit. Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year in NYC.

  • Crazy how long those shadows are. Even more nuts is that this area is soon going to have heaps of snow on it. Curse you winter.

  • Stunning shot Rick! Love the contrast and mood of this image.

  • Great composition, tones and contrast, Rick. Fantastic shadows!.

  • A great contre-jour shot and perfect fro the monochrome treatment, Rick.

  • That makes an excellent monochrome image, Rick. Superb long shadows and the high-key processing has given it a light and airy feel.