Lookout Mountain Curves

A photo excursion with Justin Balog is never boring and whenever we happen to venture off-road (this time by mistake) it always leads to some wonderful captures and good memories.  Our trip up to Lookout Mountain a couple of weeks ago to capture the full moon wasn’t disappointing.  Justin showed me a great vantage point for a shot he’s been wanting to capture and I just went along for the ride.

The cars seemed to be coming up the mountain at a snail’s pace when we started capturing the light trails with long shutter, but then as the sun went further and further down behind the mountain the exposures got longer and cars seemed to go faster.  The “Chimping” started taking place and as simple as that we knew we were in store for a great night of photography. Thanks for the ride up in the “Yoda Yoda”, Justin.  Look forward to next time.

See Justin’s version of this shot here.

Lookout Mountain Curves: Light trails of the road leading up Lookout Mountain in Golden, Colorado

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