Majestic Ram

Majestic Ram - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.
Click to Enlarge - Majestic Ram - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.

I decided the last week to venture off to Utah, Green River, Utah to be specific.  The Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep are rutting this time of year and the sheep come down off the buttes and into the open space to rut.  Hopefully you kept up with me on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook with some of my behind the scenes photos.

I’ve been busy all weekend trying to catch up and had a couple of portrait shoots so that left me on Sunday evening with not enough time to process a photo properly, so I decided to take one of the photos I edited on the road with my iPad using Snapseed by Nik Software!  It’s an incredible darkroom on the road, especially if you won’t want to carry a laptop with you.  I was able to offload some compact flash card onto the iPad allowing me to use the iPad as a storage device as well. When I get home I just sync my iPad to my Aperture library and all the RAW files come over and sync as if I was syncing one of my compact flash memory cards.  The other nice thing is any .jpg files I produce using Snapseed come over as well.

The nice thing about Snapseed is that I can use it on my iPhone as well as my iPad and I only have to pay the fee for the app once.  It automatically loads to the other device the next time you update your apps on your iOS device.

Here’s some screen shots of the Nik Software’s Snapseed application:

Nik Software's Snapseed Interface for iPad
Nik Software's Snapseed Interface for iPad

There are a number of fantastic adjustments you can make with Snapseed, from adjusting brightness and contrast, incresing sharpness (Details), and applying filters such as Grunge looks, Vintage looks, Black and White adjustments and many more.  The below image shows the application of a Tilt-Shift affect which allowed me to isolate the Ram more in the image.

Nik Snapseed - Applying a Tilt-Shift Affect
Nik Snapseed - Applying a Tilt-Shift Affect

I used to have to carry a full blown laptop with me on the road, but now I can affectively use my iPad to even do some quick edits on photos and publish if necessary to my Blog or my social media streams.  When I’m doing portrait shoots, I can quickly load a couple of images, edit them while I’m with the client and email them right on the spot so they can have them to post on their Facebook pages immediately.  The client is really excited to see the product right there on spot.  It really helps customer satisfaction when you can turn around a photo for them to share before you leave the shoot.

Snapseed for iPad: Snapseed - Nik Software, Inc.

Snapseed for iPhone:  Snapseed - Nik Software, Inc.

Hopefully I’ll have some time to get some editing done tomorrow for the week.  I’m heading to Monterey, California this week for a short trip.  If nothing else I’ll publish something from my iPad while I’m traveling.  Have a great week everyone!

  • Very nice image Rick. I like the way you used the title shift effect to have the ram pop.

  • Great image Rick, love the walkthrough in the write up.

  • This is a very interesting read. I’m fed up with carting a MacBook Pro on holiday with me but I always thought that it was impossible to view let alone edit a RAW file on an iPad. Maybe this is a possible solution? I’m going to look into this – it would certainly lighten my hand luggage

  • Very nice post, Rick. This seems to be a very nice, versatile app. The results of your processing show a very good image. Good stuff, man. Particularly the advantage of leaving your client happy. 🙂

  • Great shot Rick. I use Snapseed on my iPad as well and love it. It’s perfect when I’m travelling.

  • I love Snapseed! What a cool capture! Love the blur you added.

  • That’s really cool Rick. I have Snapseed, but rarely use it. I will have to start now!