Manhattan Views

It has been a while since I’ve been back to New York City, but always find it a pleasure to get out and shoot a new view of the skyline. I had the pleasure of meeting up with good friend Mark Garbowski and he took me over to Gantry Plaza State Park which produced a wonderful view from Long Island City. I didn’t take my Canon 5D Mark III on this trip and left all the heavy equipment at home. I just brought my Fuji X-T1 mounted with a Newer Arca Swiss L-Bracket along with a 18-55mm f/2.8-4 and the 35mm f/1.4 Fuji lenses my small Gitzo Traveler 1542t Tripod.  It was such a pleasure to fit everything into a small bag.  It was such a pleasure walking around New York City with just a small bag.  The nice thing about having the Fuji is the size and weight and you don’t mind carrying it and I found I would take more images and didn’t feel so obtrusive.  It may have been me, but people just didn’t seem to notice me as much. I just looked like a standard tourist with a small point and shoot.

I’ll share some more images from the trip in future posts, but here Manhattan Views from Long Island City taken just after sunset leaving a nice blue hour hue on the East River.

View of Manhattan, New York City, NY from Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island, New York across the East River
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Capture Notes:

  • ljsaltiel

    Looks like a great spot Rick. Maybe we can head back there in September. I just got back from Banff and carrying the mirrorless cameras is a dream.

    • Yea definitely can go back here. The X-T1 is a pleasure to carry around. I’m almost tempted not to bring my Canon back east with me. I definitely need to pick up some other lenses for the Fuji. I’ve seen the Zeiss 12mm on the used market for $550 which is a steal! You’ll have to tell me what you think of the 10-24.

      I have yet to try my Fuji with astrophotography. I definitely need a 12 or 14mm f/2.8, but am tempted to get a Rokinon for cost since I don’t use the wide angle that much. The high iso of my Canon is amazing! Maybe your Sony is equivalent. You definitely want a wide angle High iso option when you come to Colorado.

  • Sweet shot Rick, I have to get back to the big city one of these days, hope you had a great 4th

    • Thanks, Mike! Yes, it’s always fun to get back to NYC. I’m heading back there with Nitz a few days before our fall trip. I’m getting excited for our fall trip.

  • Whoaw, Rick, absolutely epic here my friend!! Love those blue hues in the sky and how they work with the twinkling lights of the great architecture there! Top drawer, my friend!