Marins | Family Portraits

The Marins are a fun and energetic growing family.  Armani is now 1-year-old and starting to walk and D’Angelo is now 3.  These boys are full of energy and I’m sure are a handful for Celina every day.  South Valley Park was a fantastic location allowing the boys to run around and express themselves as well as a great location with the signature Colorado Red Rocks as a backdrop. Thanks for a fantastic and fun photo session!

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  • Very nice series of images Rick. Those two kids are so cute. Nice work.

  • Damn those kids have some personality. These are some great shots and brought a big ol smile to my face!

  • What a freakin’ adorable series here man!

  • Great series! Love the older boy. He looks like he’s got some personality. Nice looking family too.

  • Wonderful set of family shots Rick! They all look great!

  • Great work! Looks like you were shooting up in my neck of the woods.

    • Yes I was. South Valley Park.

  • A truly fantastic series, Rick. What a delightful couple of kids, full of mischief, and what gorgeous smiles.