I’m working on a project that I hope to share with you in the next month or two.  Anyway, Max happened to be on of the “man’s best friends” running around while I was shooting for the project.  I’m usually nervous around dobermans but max was such a friendly dog.  Anyway meet Max!

Have a great weekend!

8 thoughts on “Max

  1. Nice shot man. Those dogs are another one of those dogs that get a bad rap because of the stupid people. They’re in the pool with Akida, rots, pit bulls, etc.

    Honestly, the meanest dogs I have ever seen have been those freaking rat-dog chee-wa-watch-yer-ankles.

  2. Max is very sweet. I know what you mean though. I love dogs but have always been nervous with dobermans but really each one of come across has been a gentle souls. I think large dogs get a bad rap. It’s the owners that train them to be mean not the dogs themselves.

  3. He looks friendly enough, but I have to say that this is a breed I’m always a bit nervous of if they are off the lead too. I like the narrow DOF. Those eyes are pin sharp.

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