McKenzie Bite

Last year while visiting Vancouver I had the opportunity to take the ferry over to Vancouver Island for a day which is the largest island on the western side of North America.  I’ve always heard about how beautiful Vancouver Island and the town of Victoria, the capital of British Columbia.

I ventured upon one of Vancouver Island’s parks, Gowlland Tod Provincial Park and a short (but very steep) 4 mile hike to one of the Inlets from the various straits of the Gulf of Georgia.  This inlet is McKenzie Bight.  The beach area is mostly rocks and crushed sea shells, but the view is spectacular!  The hike back up to the top is a very steep and strenuous hike, but filled with trees, moss and waterfalls typical of the Pacific Northwest.

The McKenzie Bight inlet located in Gowlland Tod Provincial Park on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
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  • Nice landscape Rick. Really like the details in the beach. Did you run into a big Toad there?

    • I wish I knew Toad at the time. It will give me the excuse to visit him.

  • Ah man, love the colors in this. Nice work!

  • Very nice Rick! Love the detail and color!

  • Such pretty green and blue colors here. I bet the quietness of the area was phenomenal!

  • That’s a beautiful landscape shot Rick. The colors just pop.

  • Wow, look at that color! Incredible work Rick!

  • Mrs. Toad has wandered that exact trail, more than once!! This place is literally a 30 minute drive from The Hollow!! I am so happy to see this photo today, Rick, and to know that you’ve been here and enjoyed some of what Vancouver Island has to offer. As Len said, next time you come on up you simply have to let us know so we can get together, it would be a huge delight and honor for us!

    • Toad, I definitely will let you know the next time I’m in the area. I don’t get out that way any longer for business so I’m going to have to plan a trip. I definitely want to spend more time on Vancouver Island.

  • The blues in this are sweet man. Nice work!

  • Very restful image, I just want to peep round that corner.

  • Interesting tones