Moon Over My Sunflowers

It’s a Full Moon and Sunflowers today, in fact, most of the weeks photos will be related to either the full moon or sunflowers.  I found out about this sunflower field friday night courtesy of a local professional photographer, Colby Brown.  Saturday morning I went out for sunrise light to capture these sunflowers.  The wind is a little more still in the morning and the early morning light is nice and soft, perfect for capturing these sunflowers.  My full intention was to shoot some macros and this time I brought along my Canon 70-200mm lens to narrow the focus area and bring the sunflowers more directly into the frame.  I had forgotten that on Saturday evening was  a full moon and so I was pleasantly greeted with a huge moon setting in the west as I was taking these pictures.  The moon just happened to be setting right in the frame of these sunflowers.  I didn’t have any graduated ND filters so I did some bracketing to create this image.

Moon Over My Sunflowers - ©Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.
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