Mount Silverheels

Today I’m going to give you a little taste of fall here in Colorado.  I shot this image of a small stand of aspens in front of Mount Silverheels just off of the road up Boreas Pass. Mount Silverheels is one of the 637 peaks Colorado with an elevation above 13,000 ft.

The mountain was named for Silverheels, a dance hall girl in the nearby mining camp of Buckskin Joe. She was nicknamed “Silverheels” because of the silver shoes she wore in the dance halls.  Back in the 1860’s there was a smallpox epidemic and while most fled to Denver, Silverheels stayed and nursed her friends and neighbors through the disease. She eventually contracted the disease, and pocked with scars over her pretty face she fled to a small cabin near the base of Mt. Silverheels.  After the epidemic, the miner raised money to thank Silverheels for what she had done, but when the went to find her she was no longer there.  They then decided to name the mountain after her in honor of what she had done for the people of area.  Years later there were claims of a black-veiled woman who came to visit the graves of the people who had died from the small pox at Buckskin Joe. Today, people claim they still see the black-veiled woman near Buckskin Joe.

Tomorrow I’ll bring you Fall Friday and give you a broad view of the Aspen Colors around Boreas Pass.

Mount Silverheels and a stand of aspens viewed from Boreas Pass
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  1. I like how you layered the foreground, background and middle ground Rick. Great colors. I wonder if that’s is where the actor (Jay Silverheels).who played Tonto in the Lone Ranger got his name (okay, showing my age here).

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