New Blooms – Sunflowers

There are a number of sunflower fields in the Denver area this year.  I shared a sunset from the largest field and closest to town last week.  The one that is northeast of the airport is a little newer field and the blooms are smaller, not quite as tall.  It’s unique in its own manner and so I was able to get a little different perspective on this field by being able to look down on the sunflowers. I was blessed with another wonderful sunset giving off a nice orange glow against the blue sky and clouds.

The weather pattern here in the Denver area is rather warm with the forecast for the 90’s this weekend. This warm weather is something usually that happens in July here.  Strange weather patterns this year.  Have a great Labor Day weekend and hopefully you’ll be able to get out and enjoy the last of the summer  weather.

New Sunflower Blooms
New Sunflower Blooms near Denver – Click to Enlarge or Purchase!

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