New York: Monochrome

I always try to walk around NY and just take in the people and sites and just capture scenes. I find it refreshing to walk around with just a 50mm take in the various scenes while in NY. I thought I would share a monochrome (black & white) view of NY with you today.

  • Great city scenes. The monochrome works really well here.

  • Really nice set, Rick. Though I prefer color reality for street, these are great art. I love using a 50mm. . .makes you work more at composition. You’ve done a great job!

  • Fantastic set Rick! You nailed these shots. Like Mark said, I do prefer color but you made these look amazing! Well done bud!

  • Nice street work Rick. Working with just a 50mm can be a lot of fun & produce some great images.

  • My vote is for monochrome in these sorts of images as color can introduce too many distracting elements into the image. You have some excellent captures here, Rick, especially the third image with the steam rising from the cooking area in the vendors stand.

  • There is something very special about B&W. It’s somehow ageless and as others have so rightly observed it simplifies beautifully. some great captures here Rick. Love the saxophonist.

  • Captured the mood of the city nicely with this series of B&Ws, Rick. Great street shots, man.

  • You’ve really captured NYC beautifully. Excellent images Rick.