NYC Public Library

This last trip to NYC didn’t leave me with much time to take pictures, but I did get over to the New York Public Library’s Main Branch – The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building on 42nd St. and Fifth Avenue. I was hoping to get into the famous Rose Reading Room which is 78 Ft. Wide by 297 Ft. Long and 52 ft. high ceilings, but they wouldn’t allow photographs in the room.  Not to be disappointed I walked over to a sister room, not quite as majestic, but with similar architecture. The image I captured is of the Catalog Room which is just across the hall outside of the McGraw Rotunda.

The Schwarzman Building was opened back in 1911 and cost $9 Million dollars to build. The building is built from marble and brick. The marble alone is 3 ft. thick and consists of 20,000 blocks of stone. The architecture is magnificent with the stonework and artwork adorning the interior of the building. I can certainly understand why this is a historical landmark. If you ever get to NYC, this is a must see site.

NYC Public Library - Schwarzman Building Catalog Room
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  • Its an amazing place, and I found out the hard one that in one room headphones and/or photography are not allowed…

  • What an amazing room. Hard to believe something that big in a library exists. Nice photo!

  • What a magnificent room. Superbly captured too.

  • I’ve been by there so many times but never stopped in. Thanks for showing me what I have been missing. Super shit Rick.