Ohio Pass Illuminated

One of my favorite things to do is to take long exposures. It’s especially fun to do some light painting at night and to also capture the stars. This image was taken at Ohio Pass this fall. Ryan Wright and I were capturing the stars in the sky above the aspens and then had our friend Casey drive his Ford Escape down the pass toward illuminating the Aspens giving the trees some more color and life.  Here is Ohio Pass Illuminated.

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I also want to thank you my followers for encouraging me and staying with me this past year.  Have a great Thanksgiving Holiday weekend!  Enjoy your friends and family and we can’t wait to see you back here after the holiday.

Ohio Pass Illuminated - Aspens at Ohio Pass illuminated with the light from a passing vehicle.
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Capture Notes:

  • I sincerely hope you and your family have enjoyed a great holiday, Rick.

    It’s been quite a year and your images have been outstanding throughout.

    Great shot of the Pass here. Love the colors and contrast with that awesome sky. Nice work, as always.

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