Old South Gaylord Street

Black Friday has passed and the Holiday shopping season is upon us. Christmas lights are starting to go up around the city, but there is just something missing around here to truly give it the “Holiday” feeling. We haven’t had a measurable snow since before Halloween here in the Denver area and it’s starting to look a little dry. There is something about a little snow on the ground that makes for a festive scene with the Christmas lights twinkling. I thought I would share an image from last year after a large December snow.

This is Old South Gaylord Street. It’s the 2nd Oldest Shopping District in Denver. It still has that small city street feel to the area with quaint shops, art galleries and neighborhood restaurants. Gaylord Street was established back in the 20’s and was where the cable cars used to turn around. which eventually were replaced with busses and street cars.  The street still maintains the small boutique stores. The perfect slice of Americana in the middle of the big city.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and wishing you and your family a Festive Holiday season to come.

Old South Gaylord Street at Christmas Time - Denver, Colorado
Festive Gaylord Street – Denver, Colorado | Click to Enlarge

Capture Notes:

  • c’est feerique

  • All that is missing is the WRX doing broadies down the center of the street. Glad to see winter is kicking in there 😉

  • Looks Christmas-y to me! Looks like a cool town to hang out in! Love that blue sky!

  • Wow! I love the lights. Don’t you think the christmas celebrations have started a little early

  • What a great shot, Rick. Lovely contrast with that blue sky. This would make a nice Christmas card.