Oxbow Bend

If you haven’t thought about where you are going to go this summer I would highly recommend Grand Teton National Park.  It’s one of if not the most beautiful National Parks in this country.  The mountains are so different from the mountains here in Colorado.  The Teton Mountain Range just seems to jut straight up from the valley floor and appear so much more majestic.

One of my favorite sunrise spots is Oxbow Bend.  Oxbow Bend is a curve in the Snake River that runs through the park and usually gives a fantastic mirror finish in the mornings to reflect Mount Moran in the distance.  I always like to venture down along the banks away from the other photographers.  It’s just nice to sit and listen to the water slowly moving by and watch the ducks as they start their daily activity along the banks of the river.

This image was captured with clouds surrounding Mount Moran and  the Alpen glow reflecting off of the clouds onto the Snake River.  It’s such a magical place.

Oxbow Bend
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  1. Certainly is a beautiful place, Rick. Great processing. Wish I could get out there but from my area, East Coast, it would be major excursion. Maybe some day. 🙂

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