Pam and Dusty – Together Forever

I had a great photo session with Pam and Dusty this weekend!  They certainly have found a partner in each other that will last them the rest of their lives.  Instead of the normal photos I though I would share with you one of my favorite new portrait sales tools, Animoto videos.  It’s a great service, fully customizable to create your own personal videos and all the music and themes can be used for commercial use (Pro or Reseller Accounts).

  • What a splendid idea! It looks wonderful!!

  • Wonderful video Rick. I am sure they loved it. Everyone that uses Animoto seems to love it and I can see why.

  • Very cool. I love these new tools that keep popping up. Nice work.

  • This is terrific Rick. I just started playing around with Animoto, and love it already.

  • Pro quality video, Rick. The photos are awesome as well. Animoto looks to be a top quality tool. Must take a closer look at this.

    Really nice job, man.

  • Great job Rick. I’ve used Animoto (but not the pro version) and thinks its a terrific tool.

  • High quality stuff Rick!