Post Parade Hot Track Driver's Event

It was another successful Driver’s Event by the Rocky Mountain Region Porsche Club at High Plains Raceway. The weather was hot and so was the action on the track. The most important part is friendships were gained and driver’s learned how to drive faster and negotiate the track more efficiently. Here are a few highlights from the Driver’s Event.

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  • Nice series of images Rick. Never been to one of these so it gave me a good feel for it.

  • Man these were so fun to look through. You documented it to so well!

  • Man that is a lot of money in a tiny amount of space. I like all your detail shots of the cars and the one of the front of the Lotus. I want to ride along in one of those cars!

  • Fantastic series of images Rick. Great job highlighting all the various aspects of the event.

  • Wow, you knocked this one out the park! Awesome.

  • You gotta know I LOVE this post! Unreal. Your composition and technical excellence really brings the viewer right to the heart of the event to enjoy, just like we were there with you!!! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!