This past weekend my main intention was to capture Pam and Dusty’s new German Shepherd puppies.  Pam and Dusty have AKC German Shepherds and were breeding them and wanted some images of the puppies before they went off to their new families.  They are such cute dogs!  I’m glad my daughter didn’t end up going down to assist in the photo shoot otherwise I may have ended up with another dog in our family.

I thought I would share some images with you and it felt like a fun way to end the week.  Have a great Easter weekend!

Three German Shepherd puppies isolated on white background

German Shepherd Puppy Closeup looking left

German Shepherd Puppy looking down

German Shepherd Puppy sitting next to a basket

Three German Shepherd Puppies playing around a basket

Two Black and Tan German Shepherd Puppies snuggling

  • Rick these are fantastic shots. The last one is fabulous.

  • Love these shots Rick! As a German Shepherd owner myself, mines now 8, I wish I had got some shots like this of him when he was a puppy! Great work!

  • You just made my morning! So dang cute!

  • All great shots, Rick. I like the first and last best. Nice job!

  • I dare not show these to my wife – otherwise we’ll be dog hunting! Seriously good photography, Rick

  • These are great! Really impressed! What do you use for the white background?? I have never done this type of photography and would love to get in to it!

  • Now how cute are they?

    Great shots, Rick!

  • Way, WAY too cute. Nicely done!

  • Honestly my friend, that’s unbelievable! The shots you’ve taken are seriously some of the best I’ve seen, and your subject are ADORABLE!! We’ve got 2 cats at home, I wonder how much they’d like a new friend… LOL

  • These guys are hurtfully adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  • You had me at ‘puppies’…