Red Skies at Night

It’s Friday!  Who’s ready for the weekend?  I am certainly excited to get out this weekend. I’ve been doing a lot of nature landscapes lately, but it’s fun to just get back into town and find something you have never shot before and try to capture it.  I have some urban scenes I’m going to work tomorrow night and hopefully have something for you next week from this coming weekend.

This final image of the week is the view looking East from the top of Jones Pass.  It was a full moon the evening Justin and I went up and the moon was rising in the sky as the sun was setting.  The colors in the clouds were spectacular!  An amazing burnt orange/red color with the full moon rising made for a once in a lifetime shot.

Red Skies at Night - ©Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.
Click to Enlarge - Red Skies at Night - ©Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.

Every time I look at this photo I think of the song by The Fixx called Red Skies so I named this post with the lyrics of the song.

Get Red Skies by The Fixx at the iTunes Store: Red Skies (Alternate Version) - React

Have a great weekend!  Get out and enjoy the world around you!

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