Reflection Pool

This past weekend fellow Colorado photographer and good friend Justin Balog – ventured up to Jones Pass near Empire, Colorado to catch a sunset.  We took Justin’s Toyota since it had 4WD and ventured up the trail as far as we could go up the road.  The road was impassable still due to the snow so we hiked the final 1/2 mile up the steep switch backs to the top of the pass above 12,500 Ft.  I was looking for oxygen, but finally made it up to a beautiful vista!  It was so worth the trip and the hike.  Justin and I shared some good conversation, wonderful views and an amazing “epic” sunset!

I’m not going to share with you the wonderful sunset Justin and I saw today – sorry –  but am going to share with you what we didn’t see (so to speak) after coming back down in the dark.  If you want to a picture of the sunset, Justin posted a picture of the fabulous sunset this week on his blog.

It was a full moon this past Saturday and the light coming from the moon was incredible.  Justin noticed some reflection driving back down the trail and so we stopped and walked over to this pool of water that was perfectly still.  I couldn’t really see a reflection standing there, but decided just to set up my camera and do a long exposure to see what resulted.  After a 49 second exposure I closed the shutter and the most beautiful image appeared on my LCD screen.  I was “chimping” (when a photographer see’s the picture he just took on his camera and starts going “ou ou ou” like a monkey) and then when Justin saw the picture we were “high-fiving” each other!  Justin and I did a lot of “high-fiving” this past weekend!

I downloaded this picture to my digital dark room and was going to work it but when I started playing around with it, decided it looked best straight out of the tin!  I like that workflow!  Take a picture and export it!

Reflection Pool - ©Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.
Click to Enlarge - Reflection Pool - ©Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.

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