Reflections of Jackson Lake

One of the many benefits of visiting beautiful locations multiple times is you start to learn about patterns within the park. One of the patterns that seem to occur on a regular basis is that the winds that normally blow over Jackson Lake in Grand Teton Nation Park will calm themselves early morning after sunrise. Ryan Wright and I had just shot sunrise at the Moulton Barns and then drove by Signal Mountain around 6:30am.  The winds were still blowing over the Lake as we passed it on the way up to Signal Mountain giving ripples in the lake.

Driving back down about an hour later the wind at Jackson Lake was still which left the water still like glass giving off a great reflection!  The clouds were perfect that morning with a light, wispy, airy look that made for some amazing reflections on the water.  I thought I’d share my 3-shot vertical panorama with you today.  I cropped it to a standard 4X6 format to eliminate some extra sky in the image that was unneeded.

Reflections of Jackson Lake
Morning Reflections at Jackson Lake | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

Capture Notes:

  • Edith Levy

    This is really stunning Rick. Thanks for sharing your capture notes.

    • RickLouiePhoto

      Thanks, Edith. I’m glad the capture notes were helpful.

  • ljsaltiel

    What a stunning shot Rick. You are making me exicted for my trip there.

  • Toad Hollow Photo

    What an absolutely stunning shot, Rick! I love the rich details, and that reflection is something else!!

    • RickLouiePhoto

      Thanks so much! It was the perfect morning at the lake.