Colorado Road Block

A few weeks ago as I was in the San Juan driving along Last Dollar Road I came up on an unusual road block.  Last Dollar Road is a jeep trail that goes through some of the most beautiful farmland in the country.  It just so happens that one of the farms had a heard of sheep crossing the road and well I had to wait. It’s a good thing I wasn’t going anywhere fast. Since I had nowhere to go and the sheep weren’t really moving I got out with my camera and took some pictures.

Herd of sheep blocking the road
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  • Love this shot, RIck. Looks like the three on the right are the only ones interested in you.

  • That is a whole lotta socks and sweaters just chilling out in the middle of the road 😉

  • Haha… what a great shot, a roadblock for sure. Man, this is so cool.

  • Very nice Rick! Looks like a gorgeous part of Colorado.

  • LOL…I see you got their attention or at least a few of them. I love this shot.

  • That’s great. Makes the traffic in NYC look easy.

  • Great shot Rick. What strikes me particularly is the fact that the road and the sheep are almost exactly the same colour. This image wouldn’t have worked nearly so well if the road had been a different colour.