Schwabacher Landing

Schwabacher’s Landing is another one of Grand Teton National Parks most beautiful view points.  The water along the banks of the river are very clear in the morning lending itself to wonderful reflections of the Tetons. The traditional picture of this area is along the lower landing, but it was a little windy this morning and the water was high and muddy so it didn’t lend itself to a good picture.  After taking a few shots from the lower landing I just wasn’t “chimping” about the pictures I was getting so I headed down the path toward the upper landing.  Along the path were trees and I came upon a shaded area that caught my eye.  I stepped back off the path into the grass and the it made for a perfect framing of the Tetons!  I think it also might have made a nice picnic area.  The water along this area had calmed down making for a wonderful mirror-like reflection of the mountains and the surrounding trees.

A view of Grand Teton Mountain from the Lower Schwabacher Landing area along the Snake River.
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