Showers from Heaven

I was dong a little scouting out on the eastern plains and  trailed a storm heading out toward the Kansas border. On the way back I headed over to the latest sunflower field to see how it looked.  The field is nice and dense and as it turned out another set of storm clouds rolled in off of the mountains to make for an amazing sunset. “God Beams” were piercing through the clouds as I was approaching the sunflower field. I grabbed the closest camera, which was my Fuji X-T1 and set up quickly to capture a few images before the “Showers from Heaven” disappeared.  Such a spectacular sky!

The more and more I use the Fuji, the more I’m impressed with the images that it produces.  It makes taking pictures fun again and so convenient. Pictures from my Canon are more crisp, especially when blown up large, but if you’re looking for a professional level camera at much less of an entry point I recommend the Fuji. The sensors dynamic range is superb and for what it’s worth the crop sensor has not been an issue compared to my Canon. The stabilization on my 18-55 zoom lens is fantastic and many times I can just take a photo handheld just like this one and produce a great image.

Those of you coming out this weekend for the Photo Jamboree are in for a treat.  The sunflower fields are amazing this year and with this weather pattern we are probably going to get another amazing sunset. I’m looking forward to meeting some new friends this weekend!

God Beams of light shine down on a sunflower field at sunset in Eastern, Colorado.
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    You found the perfect combination there – sky and field are both amazing