Smart Phone Saturday

Saturday is the day I usually post up my iPhone pictures for the week in summary.  If you follow me on Twitter you can see my iPhoneography during the week.  Quite honestly since I’ve taken up photography I now find the iPhone to be a fantastic camera.  It’s always with you and the creative capability is amazing.  The post editing software with Instagram or Camera+ allows me to quickly edit a photo and post it to my feed instantly.  I know longer have to wait until I get back home to my computer to upload, edit and post.  It’s my dark room on the road.

This past week included a couple of sunrise excursions both downtown Denver and then up to Mt. Evans.  Some amazing scenery this week!  One of my favorite shots of all time is in this week’s photos.  It’s the shot of the Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep along the side of the road.

Get out and enjoy this weekend!  I’ll see you back here on Monday.