Stars over Ohio Pass

The first day Lee A. Brown, Chris Nitz and I got into the Crested Butte Area on my Fall Tour it was a crystal clear day. The sunset was uneventful since there were no clouds in the sky, but I knew that evening it would be perfect conditions for some astrophotography. We dressed warm and headed for Ohio Pass. The sky did not disappoint us. Be sure to check out Chris’s first astro shot on his blog.  Well done, Chris!

We experimented with some different compositions, did some light painting on the trees and just before we left I borrowed Lee’s Zeiss 21mm lens to do a few compositions. The Zeiss is one sharp lens.  I should have borrowed it more on the trip. This is a lens that is definitely going on my wish list. I created this 9 shot panorama of the Milky Way. It’s my first panorama of the Milky Way and I still have some things to learn and experiment to get it just right, but I have to say this is a good first start.

I enjoy experimenting and trying new things. The process of learning and discovering is what keeps the brain active and is what I love about photography. There seems to be something new to learn and do and is what keeps me excited to be a photographer.  I love sharing what I know and if you ever come out to Colorado I hope that I can share some of my knowledge with you.

I’m definitely looking forward to next years Fall Tour. I know that Chris is coming out again. Hopefully you can join me next year.  Have a great weekend!

Stars over Ohio Pass
The Milky Way over Ohio Pass – Click to See it Large!

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  1. I really need to try this type of photography out Rick. Just an amazing exposure. I have made Colorado a priority next years so if the dates work, maybe I can join you and Chris.

    1. Thanks, Len. I would love to have you out. The dates for next year will be September 25-29 in Telluride, CO. You can either fly into Telluride directly or into Gunnison. Chris and I will be going to Acacia NP the week after and probably head to NYC and Boston before we go to Acacia NP for the NXNW tour.

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