Stars over Double Arch

I had a great short trip out to the desert southwest with Ryan Wright and am really excited about some of the images. The only issue is trying to find the time to process them. We spent a couple of days in Moab at the beginning and end of the trip and mixed it in with a trip down to Page, Arizona. The weather was really cooperative and gave us some dramatic skies and mild temperatures. It wasn’t until we got back into Colorado did we hit snow. I was hoping for a little snow, but I may have to find that on my next trip out to the desert.

The last evening in Moab we were greeted with clear skys and a waning crescent moon so it made for excellent star gazing and astrophotography. It was a chilly 21 degrees when we drove out to Arches National Park, but when we got to our spot underneath the Double Arch there was no wind and actually made for a pleasant evening among the stars. We used some flashlights to light paint the arches and to give the landmark some detail in the night sky.

Stars over Double Arch - Arches National Park
Stars over Double Arch – Click to Enlarge

Capture Notes:

  • Lovely image. Nice use of flashlights for light painting. My question is, are folks from CO used to 21 degree weather 😉

  • Great image Rick! Awesome stars and detail.

  • Wonderful shot Rick! Great work!

  • Superb image. It’s only out there, miles away from any other light source, that you finally grasp how many stars there are in the sky.

  • Incredible result. Moab and it’s surroundings are an amazing spot. Great job on the stars.

  • Man, what an outstanding result, Rick. Tremendous sky detail.

  • This is an unbelievable image Rick. Just outstanding.