Stephen A. Schwarzman Building

A quick post today and back to New York City.  This is a 9-shot handheld panorama/stitch using my wide-angle lens to give this image a fish eye look.  This is the New York City Public Library’s Main Branch – The Stephen A. Schwarzman Building. It has an amazing architecture that you don’t see in buildings made today. There is some amazing detail in the building and definitely worth spending more time to capture some of the intricate detail.

NYC Public Library
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  • An impressive image which has been rendered more unusual by the Pano effect. It now appears as a building with a ninety degree angle to its two sides – but I guess it was all in a straight line. Right? Clever work, Rick

  • I like how much that blue pops off the building. I like how massive that entrance feels.

  • Love using the fisheye to make that entrance just about jump out of the picture. Wonderful composition and technique.

  • Well done. What tool did you use for the panorama?

    • Thanks. I corrected the text. It’s actually a 9 shot stitch and I used photoshop CS5 – photomerge. I took 3 shots across the top, middle, and bottom with my wide angle lens (16mm) overlapping about 1/3 each shot.

  • Excellent pano Rick. The fisheye was a great idea as really gives the image a wonderful look.

  • Sweet shot Rick! Love the “Fish Eye” look created by the pano. That blue pops out really nicely.