Storm Chasing iPhoneography

I was out until about 2AM this morning and spent last night chasing a couple of storms East and North of Denver so today I thought I would share some of my iPhone images for those of you who didn’t catch the images on Insta.gram, Twitter or Tumblr last night.  I didn’t see any twisters drop down, but did catch some amazing clouds and lightning.

I first headed out towards Byers and Deer Trail, Colorado.  There was a storm cell in the area and it was only about 40 minutes from home.  It was the first time I’ve ever seen Mammatus Clouds.  “Mammatus clouds (also known as mammatocumulus, meaning “bumpy clouds”) or simply “Mamma Clouds” is a meteorological term applied to a cellular pattern of pouches hanging underneath the base of a cloud. The name “mammatus” is derived from the Latin mamma (breast), due to the resemblance between the shape of these clouds and human female breasts.” – SeaWayBlog by By Guido Trombetta

The storm activity headed further east and south and it was a little further than I wanted to venture for the evening so I headed back into Denver and met up with another Colorado Photographer, Ryan Wright (@wrightkindaguy).  We met up and captured a few shots of the Denver skyline and then Ryan saw a storm cell up near Greeley so we decided to head up northeast and was greeted with an amazing evening storm cell that was slow moving and had a huge wall cloud.  The sky was like a laser light show.  We met up with Ryan’s friend Chase and  chased/ran away from the storm and hail. It was an amazing evening for storm activity. I’ll share my edited images next week.

Here are my iPhone images and video from last night.

photocrati gallery

  • Just awesome Rick. These are great.

  • That’s pretty sweet Rick. I keep wishing for an awesome storm out here but no luck yet!

  • Pretty amazing shots Rick. You guys get the best storms out west. Well captured

  • Wow, Rick. This is awesome, man. Nice work on this. The video brings the intensity of the storm to life. Great iPhotos. 😉

  • Sounds like an exciting evening and some fascinating images. I’ve seen Mammatocumulus once out in the Alps. I was up very high at the time and did not like the look of that approaching cloud mass. I headed down as fast as I could but still got caught in a rather vicious thunderstorm.