Stormy Sunset

It’s that time of year here in Colorado and on the midwestern plains where storms are starting to form in the afternoon.  Here in the Denver area we have already seen tornadoes. I know in the midwest they have also experiences some severe weather and tornadoes.  My heart and prayers go out to those who have had to endure hardship already. For storm chasers, this is prime season and we will probably benefit from seeing some amazing images as a result of these storms.

This past week here in Colorado we experienced quite a few severe storms across the state. A number of evenings storms brought heavy winds and rains and this past weekend Mother Nature decided that we needed a little more winter and dropped up to 8″ inches in parts of Colorado.  It made for a chilly weekend.

I was lucky enough to capture some storm clouds rolling east of town just as the sun was setting in the west this past week. It’s a mix of cold with warmth, beauty and darkness.

Storm Clouds during a sunset on the eastern plains of Colorado
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  • Wonderfully dramatic sky with great color Rick

  • Wow Rick, this is just beautiful! Amazing colors for sure man, one of my favorites of yours

  • Wait, isn’t this how the aliens invaded in the movie Independence Day? Pretty cool shot man!

  • Better get this one mounted and on the wall, Rick. Outstanding image!

    What a tremendous and dramatic sky, man. Well done.

  • You gotta love sunsets and storms! Nice Rick!

  • The yellow in otherwise blue is creating a very nice effect

  • Gorgeous shot Rick! The colors are outstanding! Great work!

  • Gorgeous shot Rick! Love the colors, so dramatic. The weather was nutty, we saw rain, snow, and everything in between while we were moving in to our new place.

  • Quite a beauty, Rick. Sometimes the sky is enough. Great image!

  • Holy crap that is awesome!

  • Very dramatic man. Looks great!

  • Really nice Rick, you’ve got a lot of great pictures here.

    • Thank you for the kind words and for stopping by!

  • Wonderful sky that seems to radiate out in a fantastic way

  • I love the weather this time of year. Great shot!

  • That is a sick photo. I love big, thunderous, golden clouds like that. Nice capture Rick.