Sunflower Sunset

I have been looking for a sunflower field all summer and could never come up with a location for one here in the Denver area.  The one up in the Longmont area was no longer there this year and the one lead that I did have amounted to some wild flowers and not the large glorious sunflowers that I was hoping to find.

I was on Google+ the other day and saw a post from Colby Brown that said he found a sunflower field out near DIA and was inviting other photographers to come out and shoot the glorious flowers at sunset. I immediately jumped on the chance to see these huge sunflowers.

Friday night I drove out to this field southeast of the airport and was greeted with a large crop of wonderful large sunflowers!  It’s a nice huge field of sunflowers with a nice added bonus of a Denver sunset.  I fully intend to work this field some more since it’s so close to home, at least until harvest because there are so many visions I have for presenting this field.  Stay tuned with this blog for more variations over the coming weeks and months.

Sunflower Sunset
Sunflower Sunset | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

Capture Notes:

  • Great colors and composition Rick. The sun’s rays are awesome.

  • Great shot, Rick. Those sun beams add a little magic to this well composed image. Nice one, man.

  • Wow, sick shot my friend. I am in the same boat. I can’t seem to find any fields here in southern Italy. There are tons up near Florence, but i haven’t had tiome to get up there yet this summer. Too much other exploring… 🙂 I look forward to seeing more from this beautiful location!!

  • Man, you totally crushed this shot. Great comp, wonderful color, and all around goodness. Killer man.

  • WOW. This is phenomenal!

  • Wow, if I never see another sunflower picture again, I am totally satisfied!! This is the BEST, hands-down, shot of a field of sunflowers I have ever seen! Ever! LOVE the colors and the way the sun light is streaming really adds a bunch of joy to the overall sense you have viewing this. Wonderful work!!!

  • This is simply an amazing shot Rick! Nicely done!

  • Amazing, simply amazing. I hope I can get something at least half as good tonight!

  • Wow, what a great capture. The way the sun is just setting on the horizon and the great colors, just fantastic Rick!