Sunflowers at Sunset

I have so many images since August harvest and one of my favorite times of the year is sunflower season here in Colorado. With the workshops and travel I haven’t really had a chance to really go through my images during sunflower season and give them a thorough look and culling. I have been trying to move some storage around and archive some photos in the process and so I stumbled through some of my images from this past sunflower season.

This image is from one of the amazing sunsets while I was out in the fields this year. The storm clouds were rolling off the mountains on to the plains just as the sun was setting and the intense glow came through the openings in the clouds making for an amazing sky. It’s Sunset’s fury on the sunflower fields this particular evening and it was a sight to behold.

Those of you in Colorado are getting ready for winter. A polar vortex is coming from the north and will bring sub freezing temperatures and some snow this week. I’m not sure I’m ready, but I’m going to try to embrace it this year.  Her’s a little summer warmth to carry you through your day.  Stay warm everyone!

Sunset glowing through storm clouds as the roll over the sunflower fields on the eastern plains of Colorado just outside of Denver, Colorado.
Sunset’s Fury | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

Capture Notes:

  • That is one amazing sunset Rick and would be even without the sunflowers. Combined the result is stellar.

  • Michael Criswell

    Man, I hate you Rick, not really but I am really jealous, I love this shot, take me!

    • Come on out next year! Message me if interested. I’ve got a deal for nxnw participants you can’t pass up.