Sunrays over the Abyss

I was finishing up taking some images at Summit Lake when the fog broke open just as the sun was about to set behind the mountains.  Ryan and I drove up further on Mt. Evans and found a turnout where we were able to hike a few hundred yards so we could catch the sunrays piercing out of the fog as the sun was setting over the Sawtooth Ridge and Mt. Bierstadt in the distance.  The sunshine created a nice sheen over Abyss Lake which is the body of water below the Sawtooth Ridge.

View from Mt. Evans of the sunrays piercing through the fog as it sets over the Sawtooth Ridge and Mt. Bierstadt.
Click to Enlarge – Sunrays over the Abyss
  • Great mood and sunlight rays, Rick.

  • Awesome rays Rick! Terrific shot!

  • Just breathtaking work here Rick, what a view!

  • Ok, that is pretty friggin badass!

  • wow man, this is freaking awesome. what a shot!

  • Incredible shot Rick.

  • beautifully dramatic image, Rick. Great shot.

  • Heavenly shot here, Rick. This is so awesome, man. Great catch. So glad you were there to grab this one. 😉

  • The rewards for going high! You were richly rewarded – wonderful rays, Rick.