Super Chevy Show

This past weekend was the Super Chevy Show at Bandimere Speedway.  Some of the top Outlaw class drag cars from around the country came out to the show to see who was the fastest.  Chuck of Finishline Performance doesn’t have the carbon fiber bodies of some of the top racers, but was just hoping to get a time under 8 seconds in the quarter-mile.  Chuck didn’t quite meet that goal, but ran a personal best this weekend at just over 8 seconds and at a speed over 170 mph!

The guys at Finishline finally have a flash down of the final run and should be able to tweak enough to get under 8 seconds this coming weekend’s Outlaw class race.  Chuck’s looking forward to finally breaking the 8 second barrier.  Here are a couple of images from his run.

Chevy Nova drag racing wheelie

A reasonable 8.0 second final run of the day.

I thought today however I would show you some highlights of the amazing classic Chevy’s (and other GM products) at the show. There were just some beautiful cars that brought back a lot of memories of when I was growing up. I remember driving around in my dad’s ’58 Olds and ’62 Corvair and my cousin with a glove box full of tickets in his Red Impala SS. These are cars you just don’t see on the road much anymore.

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  • AWESOME Shots Rick! Brings back a lot of memories for me as well! Friday nights gathering when we were teenagers showing off our cars at our local gathering spot!

    These shots make me wish I hadn’t switched to Harley’s in my 20’s.

    Great work!

  • Very cool series of images Rick. I remember seeing some of these growing up as a kid. Wonderfully captured.

  • I have never wanted a station wagon as much as I want the one in that lost shot.

  • This is the BOMB, Rick! There is no way on God’s Green Earth I can pick a favorite from this set! I need to go now… time to expand the garage to take in all the new family members! WOOT!

  • Cool shots Rick.

  • The older cars had such cool details on them. And lots of time they were in chrome!

  • Oh, man!
    These are outstanding, Rick. I love these car shows and you have captured the fun and atmosphere so nicely. Each of these shots is a treasure, man.

    Awesome work!