Super Sunset

Many times here in Colorado the most beautiful sunsets are right before or after a storm.  The clouds and the color brought in from storm activity add to the drama in the sky.  This particular sunset was on the evening of the last Supermoon as the storm clouds rolled in from the west over the eastern plains outside of Denver.

Sunset in Denver, Colorado as the storm clouds roll in from the West.
Click to Enlarge - Super Sunset
  • The color and light are outstanding Rick. We don’t get these type of skies in New England so I really enjoy these when I see them.

  • Nice Rick! Silhouetting the foreground really draws you to the clouds at the top of the frame.

  • Really like the soft clouds competing against the hard edges of the mountains! Really nice!

  • Super Sunset indeed Rick!! I agree, storms really do bring the best out in the clouds 🙂

  • Beautiful shot Rick! Those colors and clouds are awesome with the silhouetted mountains!

  • Awesome shot here! Those clouds look almost like a massive fireball, what a great effect!

  • Incredible shot Rick. The colors are just stunning.

  • Amazing colours, Rick

  • This is so beautiful Rick. Love the colors and silhouettes.

  • You are lucky to great such great sunsets. This is stunning, almost as if the sky is on fire!