Supermoon at DIA

The Supermoon was this past Saturday.  I had scoped it all out on Google Maps and ventured out near DIA.  I was hoping for an image of the moon rising over the white teepee structure over Denver International Airport (DIA), but when I drove out, the road I had hoped to get my image from was blocked off and was part of private airport property.  So knowing that I didn’t have enough time to venture further north of the airport I took what was available to me and setup in some open farmland with a view of the runways and the main tower, which was slightly visible on the horizon.

The day had clouded over and I wasn’t sure I was going to even get a view of the Supermoon, but just as the sun was setting, the clouds lifted off of the horizon enough so the moon would be in view as it rose above the horizon.  The winds were still quite brisk and I had to weigh down my tripod in order to keep it steady enough for a few shots.  I had plenty of shots where a big gust of wind vibrated my tripod and I ended up with a blurry shot.

I’m going to give you two images today, one with a broader view including DIA and one close up where you can see the main tower and some of the tails of the airplanes on the runway as the moon is rising.

I have a rather busy week.  I’m working on documenting a new art show for a friend of mine, Sarah Richter.  She has her first exclusive studio showing at Hinterland this week in the Rhino Art District here in Denver.  I’m documenting and helping her put together her amazing acrylic and mirrored art display this week in preparation for the opening this Friday.  I’m hoping to have a time-lapse of the build in the next week.  It’s going to be an amazing piece.

Have a great week!

Supermoon rising over the runways at DIA
Click to Enlarge or Purchase - Supermoon rising over DIA
Super Moon Rising near Denver International Airport (DIA), Denver, Colorado
Click to Enlarge or Purchase - Supermoon at DIA
  • Very cool shots of the Super Moon Rick! Great work!

  • These are both amazing man! You’ve rocked them for sure!

  • Great shots, Rick!
    Really nicely done, man.

  • Great shots Rick! Glad you got to see it, all I could see was clouds!

  • Nice job Rick. I wasn’t really happy with anything I got.

  • Great shots Rick. The first one is outstanding.

  • Those are cool shots Rick. Both are killer. All I got was clouds. Glad you were able to get some great shots.

  • I love the simplicity of that first shot.

  • Great results under very tricky conditions. It was foggy and overcast in NYC, so no moon (super or otherwise) for us.