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Colorado Fall Color Tour 2016

The Colorado Fall Color Tour for 2016 is now open for registration. Tour space is very limited and will be split up into two tours – Aspen and Crested Butte, Colorado. This is a discovery year for me so cost is low if you want to do some discovery work with me this year.

Hope you can join Chris and I this year!

Colorado Fall Color Tour 2016

Rick Louie Photography Colorado Fall Color Tour 2016

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Diamonds in the Rough | Colorado Fall Colors

The Colorado Fall Color Tour starts in 10 days!  Colors are already starting to turn here in Colorado and I’m really getting excited for this year’s tour.

This year we have Armando Martinez out starting off the tour with a wonderful Lightroom/Photoshop training session and we’ll end the tour with a Full Moon!  It will be one of the biggest moon’s of the year!

Here’s a glimpse of things to come.  One of the images from the Capitol Peak area near Aspen.

Diamond in the Rough | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Fall Fireworks

Many landscapes are often captured with at wide-angle or at with a standard lens, but sometimes to really capture some of the details I’ve grown quite fond of using my 70-200mm lens to capture landscapes.  It allows you to zoom in on scenes and compresses the landscape to bring out the detail you would not normally see with a standard or wide-angle lens.

This image was taken along Capitol Creek Road in the Snowmass Wilderness last fall.  I call it Fall Fireworks because the small groves of aspen appear like burst of fireworks along the rolling hills. I shot this from atop a hillside looking out over the valley of wonderful fall colors and this grouping of aspen groves leading up to Capital peak caught my eye. It was just some amazing pops of yellow, gold, green and orange among the natural turf of the hills surrounding it.

Fall Fireworks

Spaces are filling up quickly for my 2015 Colorado Fall Color Tour. I’ve only have 3 spots left. I hope you can join us so you can see wonderful places such as the Snowmass Wilderness above.

Sign before April 15 for the Early Bird Discount and receive a $200 discount.

Colorado Fall Color Tour

Colorado Fall Color Tour


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Colorado Fall Color Tour 2015

Colorado Fall Color Tour

Colorado Fall Color Tour

The Colorado Fall Color Tour for 2015 is now set and ready for you to participate! Early interest is at an all time high so there are only a few spots left in the tour. This year I’m combining forces with The Photo Frontier and Armando Martinez will be helping me lead the tour. He’s a master Lightroom and Photoshop expert and is waiting to give out his tips and tricks during the tour.

This year again I’m limiting the number of tour participants so you can get personal instruction and help when needed. The tour will begin in Aspen this year and head south again to our main base in Telluride, Colorado, one of the top Adventure Cities in the world. You’ll have 3 and 1/2 days of out in the field shooting.
Head over to the Tour page for more information and to reserve your spot in this year’s tour.

Look forward to seeing you this fall here in Colorado!

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Ashcroft Mountain

One of the most scenic roads just outside of the Maroon Bells/Maroon Lake Recreation area is down along Castle Creek Road.  Castle Creek Road takes you down along a scenic drive to the ghost town of Ashcroft and to a beautiful view of Ashcroft Mountain. After sunrise at Maroon Lake, we headed down to Ashcroft. The clouds and fog were still settled over the valley, but it didn’t take away from the beautiful view of Ashcroft Mountain along with the fall colors of the aspens.  Here’s a wonderful fall view of Ashcroft Mountain.

Ashcroft Mountain | Click to Enlarge/Purchase


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Golden Leaf

I did a little macro work this past fall. I put a 100mm Macro lens in my bag this year for the tour. It’s really a small lens when you compare it to most of the other L lenses in Canon’s line up, but boy does it pack a punch. It forced me to look at the detail around me. It was nice to have a new perspective when looking through the lens.

The rain mixed with the fall colors and cold weather forced leaves on the ground. I found this one golden leaf sitting on the dark ore and it created some nice contrast and detail. I probably could have increased my f/stop some to capture a little more sharpness in the stem, but overall happy with the outcome.

Golden Leaf – Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Maroon Bells

One of the places that I’ve never captured has been Maroon Bells during the fall season. The thought of having to get up at 3am to go fight for a spot among 100’s of photographers has never been on the top of my list, but this year I had the request from my tour group to head up to Aspen so I extended my tour by a day and put in on the last day of the trip. Heading up to Aspen on Sunday of my tour was filled with rain and we had only caught glimpses of sun peaking through.  The forecast wasn’t looking good for a Monday morning sunrise at Maroon Bells. Damon, one of the participants this year was a meteorologist and volunteered to check the forecast early in hopes that the clouds would clear in time for sunrise.

Sure enough at o’dark:30 with an exchange of text messages we got out of our comfy beds and headed toward Maroon Bells. We arrived to a fairly empty parking lot, but as we got to the lake there were already people lined up, some who had camped out and were making breakfast, as we walked past them in the dark with our headlamps leading the way. We took the opportunity while waiting to do some astrophotography as we waited for the sun to rise and give us some alpenglow on the Bells.

Well I hate to admit it, but the morning was just about perfect.  Clouds clearing over the Maroon Bells, snow on the peaks from the night before, aspen trees filled with fall colors and sun coming over the horizon giving the Bells the reddish-orange glow for an amazing sunrise. It’s nice to have finally captured the Maroon Bells and add this to my portfolio of images. Damon, thanks for getting us out of bed!

I had the pleasure of having Len Saltiel on my tour this year. He’s a world traveler and wonderful photographer.  Be sure to check out his rendition of the sunrise at the Bells.

Fall sunrise at Maroon Bells, Aspen, Colorado

Fall Sunrise at Maroon Bells | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Capital Creek Color

One of the new places on tour this year was venturing into the Aspen Snowmass area for fall colors. We ventured down Capital Creek Road and came upon a massive color in the hills leading up to Capital Peak.  Unfortunately that afternoon Capital Peak was covered in fog, except for a brief glimpse, but the hills below Capital Creek Road were amazing. This area is within the Maroon Bells Snowmass Wilderness in the White River National Forest. The road is very scenic taking you along beautiful ranches before coming up to an off-road venture past grazing cows to an opening with amazing views.

I captured this section of the hillside with my 70-200 and in particular I noticed the distinct burst of orange in the stand that was among a sea of gold and green. The intricate details of the thousands of trees stand out when I compress this image with a telephoto lens. It’s amazing to think that all these aspen are part of a single living organism.

A burst of orange stands out among a huge aspen stand of gold and green along the hillside below Capital Creek Road in the Maroon Bells Snowmass Wilderness in the White River National Forest near Snowmass and Aspen, Colorado - Fall 2014

Capital Creek Color | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Fall into Winter

This year in Telluride we were greeted with the one of the first snows of the season. Many of the aspens were still showing green and at the early stages of fall colors, but as winter started to settle in the trees they only have a short time before full winter sets in and the color drops the the ground. I captured this branch of aspen leaves with yellow, some red and still some green and as the snow started to spurt faintly captured it falling among the fall colors. Just something soothing and calming about this image in the contrast between vibrant colors and the slow falling snow. I think I could have watch this scene for hours. I call it Fall into Winter.

The cold weather is settling here in Colorado and the nights are getting chilly. It won’t be long before we lose the last of the fall colors here and winter sets in. Enjoy what’s left this of the fall colors as you can. Have a great weekend!

Fall into Winter

Fall colors swaying in the wind as the first snow drops – Click to Enlarge!

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Walls of Gold – Fall Colors in Colorado

I’m excited to be heading back down to the West Elk Mountains and the Uncompahgre National Forest to see the fall colors in Colorado. I’m also excited to have Chris Nitz and Lee A. Brown join me as we tour for the fall colors in Colorado. There will be plenty of sunrise and sunset shoots and possibly a late night astrophotography session among the gold colored aspens. I hope that more of you can join me next year!

There has been reports of snow on the mountain peaks and though fall colors are starting late here in Colorado due to the moisture we have had, I’m sure there will be plenty of gold to be seen. It’s definitely one of my favorite times of the year and Colorado really shines this time of year in the southwest part of the state.

This image was from last year along Owl Creek Pass.  Walls of gold lined the roads made for spectacular imagery and you certainly didn’t mind taking the slow drive through the mountains.

Have a great week everyone!  I’ll be back with hopefully some more wonderful fall images.

Aspens line the road in Colorado like Walls of Gold

Gold Aspen line roads along Owl Creek Pass, Colorado – Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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