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Milky Way over Mt. Evans

Back to Mt. Evans and Summit Lake again for this image. The storm clouds were just clearing on top of Mt. Evans as the evening got dark enough to capture the Milky Way. Some of the clouds were just dissipating as I captured the Milky Way over the Mt. Evans and it appeared as if steam were rising from the mountain, almost as if an volcano was erupting. Something and unique and different capturing the stars during our Jamboree last year.

Astro Eruption

Astro Eruption – Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Burst of Sunshine

One of my favorite focal lengths lately has been at 35mm.  It’s close enough to give subject matters a normal look without distortion yet allow for environmental elements to be shown in the scene.

This image was taken during sunset and clouds started to get darker and cover the horizon, but just above the horizon there was a break in the clouds and the sun came piercing through and created an amazing orange glow on the horizon. I wanted to capture the sunflowers a little closer so I decided to use the 35mm focal length and stopped down the f-stop to f/11 to give the sun a little starburst.  I cropped this in a panoramic format eliminating some distracting light in the sky.

Sun breaking through the storm clouds at sunset over a sunflower field near Denver, Colorado

A Burst of Sunshine – Click to Enlarge/Purchase

This is always a fun time of year. I really enjoy the sunflower season. Tomorrow is a full moon.  I hope that you can join The Photo Frontier and I for our Sunflower Jamboree.

Sunflower Jamboree

Sunflower Jamboree

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They’re Back!

It’s that time of year again!  It’s harvest season and the sunflowers on the Eastern Plains outside of Denver are starting to bloom again with those magical large sunflowers!  Fields as far as the eye can see all the way to the horizon!  It’s definitely time to do some driving on the plains to find large glorious farm fields of Sunflowers!

Sunflowers among the storm clouds in Eastern Colorado

Storm Clouds over Sunflowers | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Maroon Bells

One of the places that I’ve never captured has been Maroon Bells during the fall season. The thought of having to get up at 3am to go fight for a spot among 100’s of photographers has never been on the top of my list, but this year I had the request from my tour group to head up to Aspen so I extended my tour by a day and put in on the last day of the trip. Heading up to Aspen on Sunday of my tour was filled with rain and we had only caught glimpses of sun peaking through.  The forecast wasn’t looking good for a Monday morning sunrise at Maroon Bells. Damon, one of the participants this year was a meteorologist and volunteered to check the forecast early in hopes that the clouds would clear in time for sunrise.

Sure enough at o’dark:30 with an exchange of text messages we got out of our comfy beds and headed toward Maroon Bells. We arrived to a fairly empty parking lot, but as we got to the lake there were already people lined up, some who had camped out and were making breakfast, as we walked past them in the dark with our headlamps leading the way. We took the opportunity while waiting to do some astrophotography as we waited for the sun to rise and give us some alpenglow on the Bells.

Well I hate to admit it, but the morning was just about perfect.  Clouds clearing over the Maroon Bells, snow on the peaks from the night before, aspen trees filled with fall colors and sun coming over the horizon giving the Bells the reddish-orange glow for an amazing sunrise. It’s nice to have finally captured the Maroon Bells and add this to my portfolio of images. Damon, thanks for getting us out of bed!

I had the pleasure of having Len Saltiel on my tour this year. He’s a world traveler and wonderful photographer.  Be sure to check out his rendition of the sunrise at the Bells.

Fall sunrise at Maroon Bells, Aspen, Colorado

Fall Sunrise at Maroon Bells | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Showers from Heaven

I was dong a little scouting out on the eastern plains and  trailed a storm heading out toward the Kansas border. On the way back I headed over to the latest sunflower field to see how it looked.  The field is nice and dense and as it turned out another set of storm clouds rolled in off of the mountains to make for an amazing sunset. “God Beams” were piercing through the clouds as I was approaching the sunflower field. I grabbed the closest camera, which was my Fuji X-T1 and set up quickly to capture a few images before the “Showers from Heaven” disappeared.  Such a spectacular sky!

The more and more I use the Fuji, the more I’m impressed with the images that it produces.  It makes taking pictures fun again and so convenient. Pictures from my Canon are more crisp, especially when blown up large, but if you’re looking for a professional level camera at much less of an entry point I recommend the Fuji. The sensors dynamic range is superb and for what it’s worth the crop sensor has not been an issue compared to my Canon. The stabilization on my 18-55 zoom lens is fantastic and many times I can just take a photo handheld just like this one and produce a great image.

Those of you coming out this weekend for the Photo Jamboree are in for a treat.  The sunflower fields are amazing this year and with this weather pattern we are probably going to get another amazing sunset. I’m looking forward to meeting some new friends this weekend!

God Beams of light shine down on a sunflower field at sunset in Eastern, Colorado.

Showers from Heaven | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Winter at Nymph Lake

Here’s another image from my snowshoeing outing last week.  This is Nymph Lake along the Bear Lake Trail system.  It’s on the way to Dream Lake and Emerald Lake. In the summer months this lake is filled with lily pads as far as the eye can see and a gorgeous sight along the trail toward Hallet Peak. In the winter, though it is frozen over and covered with snow as you see in this image.  Hallet peak off to right of center is still prominent even in the winter months. There was a nice cloud system forming over the mountain peak which developed into snow later in the afternoon. It is still a wonderful site even in the winter. I’ll have to get up there this summer and share an image of the lily pads this summer.

Winter at Nymph Lake | Rick Louie Photography

Winter at Nymph Lake | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Full Moon Rising over the Divide

I’m taking you back a few years with this image.  This is Jones Pass here in Colorado.  I took this venture with Justin Balog.  Such a great day and this image has almost everything you would want in an image, except maybe a reflection.  It was taken at sunset and so the clouds have some of the warmth from the sun on the right, full moon rising on the left and mountains off in the distance, the Continental Divide, and snow on the ground.  It was our perfect storm.  I remember distinctly fighting with myself, do I capture the sunset or the full moon rising and there I was running from one side of the mountain to the other to try to capture both and then stopping in the middle to capture this panorama.  You can read more about the adventure in previous posts.

Full Moon Rising at Sunset at Jones Pass Overlooking the Continental Divide.

Full Moon Rising at Sunset at Jones Pass Overlooking the Continental Divide | Click to Enlarge

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Red Rocks

It was New Year’s Day and my wife and I, but mostly our dog Bella, were feeling a little cooped up so we decided to head out for a hike. There was still some snow on the ground near our house so we decided to head out to Mount Falcon Park to see if there was any snow out near Red Rocks Park and to see if I could capture the park with some snow on the ground. When we reached the park the area was pretty much dry. It looks like we had more snow out east then they did on the western part of town.

Mount Falcon Park is part of the Jefferson County Park system and has some extensive trails, great for view of the city and over Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater. Some of the trails have quite a bit of elevation gain and so it makes it a great training ground for climbing 14K ft. peaks.

Just around sunset this day the clouds starting rolling in over the park toward Denver making for some dynamic skies! I was able to find an opening along the path and captured Red Rocks Park just as the late afternoon sun started to glow against the rocks and as the clouds formed over head.

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater viewed from Mount Falcon Park

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The main reason I love this park is views of Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater.  Red Rocks is the only naturally occurring, acoustically perfect amphitheatre in the world. It is an amazing concert venue and something you should experience if you are in the area during concert season. One of the most amazing concerts I’ve seen there was the  famous U2 – Under the Blood Red Sky Tour.  Here is U2 Live at Red Rocks – Part 1.

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12 Best Landscapes 2013 – Part 4

We stay in Colorado for the rest of the journey. Here’s image number 7 and it comes from Rocky Mountain National Park. I was conducting a photo tour in Rocky Mountain National Park this past September and it so happens that week we had our 500 year rain and flooding which made for a rain filled photography tour. We were actually lucky to get out of the park the last day since the three main roads on the eastern side of the park were washed out. We ended up going over Trail Ridge Road to Grand Lake. The funny thing about the Western side of the park just over the Continental Divide was the weather was quite pleasant and gave me a chance to do some exploring on the side of the park I visit the least.

I think this year I’m going to spend some more time on the west side because there is some amazing scenery in the Kawuneeche Valley and Never Summer Mountains are also an awesome site! This image is Adams Falls and can be reached along the East Inlet Trail that feeds into Grand Lake. There is some beautiful open meadows along this trail.  Water was plentiful making for a full waterfall with vibrant green foliage!

Adams Falls in Rocky Mountain National Park

Adams Falls | Click to Enlarge

Very close to Denver is a state park called Roxborough. The western edges of Denver along the foothills brings some amazing formation of red rocks. One of the most famous formations is the amphitheater named Red Rocks. Just south of the amphitheater is Roxborough State Park which is just behind a hogback. You would never know it was there from driving along the roads, but you get back behind the hogback and there are some amazing jaw dropping scenery! I captured it one morning just after sunrise with blue tones mixed with storm clouds that really offset the reddish-orange rocks making for an amazing scene! Roxborough Park is image #8 in my 12 Best Landscapes 2013.

Storm over Roxborough State Park at sunrise by Rick Louie Photography

Storm Over Roxborough – Click to Enlarge

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Morning Suspense – Colorado Sunrise

Here’s one more image from the Eastern Plains of Colorado. This was an image taken just prior to my Eastern Plains image last week just as the sun was coming up over the horizon.  The storm clouds were in full force and the light from the sunrise lit up the sky with spectacular orange tones against the blue hour sky. If you drive out this way during the day, it’s just farmland, but in the mornings and evenings the big beautiful sky just seems to come alive. I call it morning suspense.  You know with the clouds in the sky the sun will do spectacular things in the sky and you wait in anticipation to see what happens. It’s better than any movie I know and each time you watch it the plot changes. I can’t wait for the next episode when I can get out on the plains again.

Morning Suspense - Colorado Sunrise

The morning suspense of a Colorado sunrise! – Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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