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Free Smartphone Wallpaper Downloads

I’ve just released my first set of Free Smartphone Wallpaper Downloads for your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, Android smartphones, iPads, and Tablets.

Aspens Aglow, an image I took while in the West Elk Mountains this past fall is now available for download at my online store at http://ricklouiephoto.smugmug.com in the Featured Category.  Be sure to look there for Free Smartphone Wallpaper Downloads in the future.

Aspens Aglow - Free iPhone 4, iphone 4S Wallpaper download!

Aspens Aglow – Free Smartphone Wallpaper Downloads – Click To Get Download

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Milky Way over Paradise Divide

I thought I would share another image from Paradise Divide.  This one is overlooking the valley below the divide.  The Milky Way was very prevalent that evening. I never get tired of seeing the Milky Way and cherish the sight anytime I can get far enough away from the city to view it.

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At The Track

Yesterday I took you inside Finish Line Automotive and Performance for an automotive performance tuning session on the dyno.  Today I’m taking you out to Bandimere Speedway for some racing action. Proof is in the pudding when you can take what you have done in the shop and then produce results at the track.  Greg and Jonny’s cars are always the top performing cars at the track.


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Got Milk? Pt. 2

I decided to crank out another image the Milky Way from Mt. Evans before I left town so this is part 2 of Got Milk?  This image was done in front of some rocks as a foreground element.  I received quite a few emails asking how I had processed the picture so today I’m going to include a quick video tutorial of how to use a luminosity filter to darken the sky  on this long exposure and keep the bright spots of the image in tact.  My video doesn’t give the final result, but just how to apply the filter and the effects of using the filter.  I created this image today with the luminosity filter and then also using some Phototools filter adjustments to enhance the sky and rock details.  Hopefully this is helpful and you can use this in your process flow.

Got Milk? Pt. 2 - Milky Way from Mt. Evans, Colorado

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Click on Vimeo above to view video in full HD Quality.

Capture Notes:

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Got Milk?

Those following me on Twitter and Google+ got a behind the scenes look at a photo taken last week up at Mt. Evans here in Colorado.  The summit of Mt. Evans is at 14,240 ft. above sea level.  The drive up starts at 7,500 feet in Idaho Spring where you turn off Interstate 70 to hit 14,264 feet at the summit.  It’s a great place during a waxing crescent moon to see the stars.  Driving up it started to rain and storm clouds rolled in.  I was a little concerned I wasn’t going to see stars this evening, but the wind picked up and the storm blew over and gave way to some amazing stars in the night sky.  There are some parts of the sky that still get washed out by the light pollution from Denver, but for the most part the stars were very bright this evening.  One thing I’ve never witnessed is seeing the Milky Way, the fabulous galaxy that contains our Solar System.  It’s the most amazing site to see! It was so awesome to finally see the galaxy!

On Mt. Evans is the Meyer-Womble Observatory. This observatory is used for the Denver University Astronomy studies and research program.  It gave a nice foreground element for this shot of the Milky Way.

Observing the Milky Way - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.

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