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John Moulton Homestead

It’s been awhile since I’ve gone back into my archives, but since I’m heading back to Grand Teton National Park I thought I’d look back through my images to look over some past scenes and also to see if there were some I never got around to processing. I noticed this one of the John Moulton Barn and Homestead.  Many images are taken of the famous Thomas Moulton Barn, but this is his brother John’s Barn and homestead.

I caught this image right after the morning sunrise and used a 17mm tilt-shift to capture the wide perspective as the storm clouds rolled past the homestead. The morning light is really nice on this homestead after sunrise and the sage give it a nice foreground element leading up to the homestead.

I’m looking forward to heading back to Wyoming again and hopefully showing some photographers this area who have never seen it before.  It’s truly a sight for the senses!

Home on the Range

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Morning at John Moulton Barn

I was just reminiscing about some of the places I’ve been this past year and thinking about some trips I want to take next year and Grand Teton National Park seems to alway pop up on the list. The park never seems really crowded and not over commercialized and the beauty of the park is just overwhelming.

This was early morning at John Moulton Barn. I love the sunlight on this barn just after sunrise and like to capture it from the willows.  You can move up along the willows and get many different perspectives of the barn. This particular morning the evening storm clouds were moving over the Teton Mountain Range onto the prairie so I capture the last bits of it along the range allowing the wonderful blue Wyoming skies to take over for the day. What an amazing view to wake up to every morning!

Morning at John Moulton Barn

Morning at John Moulton Barn – Click to Enlarge

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Walking back along the trail after shooting the sunrise at North Clear Creek Falls, Ryan spotted a big huge marmot perched on a rock.  I had my 24-70 on my camera and took a few shots, but thought by the time I changed out my lens to my 70-200 the marmot would be gone. What do you know, he just sat there staring at us and I was able to continue walking down the path toward it with my 70-200 and captured this image.  Smile!

Marmot near North Clear Creek Falls in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado

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Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

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John Moulton Barn

This is the John Moulton Barn. This is the northern Moulton Barn. The Thomas Moulton Barn, which I showed you last week, was built in 1910 and then Thomas helped brother John build this barn in 1911-1912.  Many people don’t realize there are two Moulton Barns built along Mormon Row in the Antelope Flats area.  The John Moulton barn is more out in the open and surrounded by sage and brush giving the scene a completely different textures enhancing the foreground of the scene.  There was a time when people wanted to tear down these barns, but through historic and conservation efforts these two wonderful historic barns are being preserved and adds to the history of the Grand Teton National Park area.

Have a great weekend!

John Moulton Barn - ©Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.

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