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Milky Way over Mt. Evans

Back to Mt. Evans and Summit Lake again for this image. The storm clouds were just clearing on top of Mt. Evans as the evening got dark enough to capture the Milky Way. Some of the clouds were just dissipating as I captured the Milky Way over the Mt. Evans and it appeared as if steam were rising from the mountain, almost as if an volcano was erupting. Something and unique and different capturing the stars during our Jamboree last year.

Astro Eruption

Astro Eruption – Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Sunset Milky Way

I found this image unprocessed from the Astrophotography Jamboree a couple of years ago. This was taken from Summit Lake near Mt. Evans as the sun has set below the horizon.  The light from the sunset was still highlighting the evening clouds below the mountain and above Denver. It created a unique silhouette the hillside, while making the clouds golden and being so high in elevation you could see the milky way illuminated in the sky overhead. It was such a unique combination of lighting situations. I was just lucky enough to capture it.

Sunset Milky Way

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Summit Lake Milky Way

We had a great turnout this year for the Shooting for the Stars Jamboree this year I did in conduction with The Photo Frontier. I captured this 7 image pano and finally had a chance to process it so I thought I would share it with you for the weekend. This image is from Summit lake just below the 14,000 ft. peak of Mt. Evans.  It sits high in the Tundra above tree line and this evening of the jamboree the clouds cleared enough to capture the amazing Milky Way over the lake.

Have a great weekend!

Milky Way over Summit Lake near Mt. Evans, Colorado

Summit Lake Milky Way | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Mount Evans Range

My apologies for light posting this week.  It’s been one of those hectic weeks and also gearing up for a trip down to Great Sand Dunes National Park for the weekend with Ryan Wright.

Winter still is sticking around, but hopefully only for a few more weeks. I know the East Coast is bearing down for the upcoming storm. Stay safe and warm these winter months. I’m not a big winter fan, but there is still beauty in the snow. In the high country, snow will be on mountain peaks year round and the wild flowers won’t start blooming until July.

This image was captured up on Mount Evans, which is one of Colorado’s fifty-three 14,000 ft. peaks and only 35 miles from Denver, Colorado. This view is looking west over the Mount Evans Range in June when there was still cloud and a light fog over the mountain range. I really enjoy this image for the wonderful contrasts and textures the snow helps create in these mountain peaks.

Have a great weekend!

Mount Evans Range

Mount Evans Range | Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Mountain Goats

I was just looking back through photos this evening and contemplating some places I want to revisit this summer, especially close to home.  I definitely need to get back up to Mt. Evans this summer.  It’s only about an 1 and 1/2 hours from home so it’s nice and convenient.  My last trip up to Mt. Evans was shrouded with fog so I wasn’t able to capture much of the scenery.  One of the many things you will see heading up to Mt. Evans is mountain goats. This particular evening the goats were right along the road. This particular one gave me a nice pose before he and the herd got skittish and headed up the mountain side.

Have you started to plan your trips for the upcoming year? Spring is right around the corner and before you know it the snow will be melting and flowers will start blooming. I’ve already started to plan a trip to Moab and back to the Grand Tetons and of course my photo tours around the state this summer. If you are thinking of coming out to Colorado I’ve still have some openings in both of my photo tours this summer. Check it out at Colorado Photo Tours or click on the banner ad on the right side of the page.

Mountain Goats

Mountain Goats – Click to Enlarge/Purchase

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Beyond the Edge

I thought I would share one last image from Mt. Evans.  This image was taken looking toward Abyss Lake from above the trail.  I zoomed in closer to add some compression so it appears that there is a ledge dropping off to the valley below. The sunshine broke through the ceiling of fog to light up the valley below that added to the effect of having this window and a drop-off.

There was only about a 30 minute window as the sun was setting and then the fog set back in.  Ryan and I drove down the mountain in thick fog.  We couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of my car.  I had to leave the headlights off since it hindered my vision as it reflected off the wall of fog.  We drove down the mountain with my parking lights on luckily with just enough evening light before the fog lifted at Echo Lake so I could turn my headlights on again.

Southern View from Mt. Evans

Click to Enlarge: Beyond the Edge

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Into the Mist

Today’s post is for those here in Colorado mostly.  What I would give for this cool weather now.  It’s been in the 100+ degree range most of the weekend and it’s supposed to be in the 100’s and upper 90’s all week.  This combined with all the forest fires is making for less than ideal conditions now.  I’m pray that the people affected by the fires can stay safe and go back to their normal lives quickly.  Thanks to all the fire fighters who are here helping stop the fires.

I ventured up to Mt. Evans with Ryan Wright last week on a New Moon evening hoping to catch some Milky Way action, but by the time we reached Summit Lake the fog got thick and we could barely see 10 ft in front of our noses.  I had hoped to captured some rocks as foreground elements to Mt. Evans, but all I could really capture was the fog.  I lowered my ISO and added and 10-Stop ND filter and captured this long exposure.  I was able to pull out some detail with the long exposure and the rocks just seemed to fall into the mist.

Into the Mist - Rock formations at Summit Lake taken during fog conditions coming down from Mt. Evans, Colorado

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Sunrise in Denver

I usually capture the skyline of Denver from the West, but today I thought I would give you a view of downtown Denver viewed from the East.  This image today was taken from City Park.  City Park is an urban park in Denver  with a beautiful lake with plenty of ducks, a boat house (pictured), the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  It’s the largest park in Denver.

The sun rising from the east gives a nice warm glow to the skyscrapers, the gold Capital Dome and the boat house, which contrast to the snowy peak of Mount Evans in the distance.

Sunrise in Denver: Sunrise from City Park in Denver with a view of snow capped Mt. Evans

Click to Enlarge or Purchase - Sunrise in Denver

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Let There Be Light

I think Spring is just around the corner.  The warmth is starting to come through, but there is still a hint of chill in the air.  I’m definitely ready for the warm weather and for the foliage to start blooming.

The road to Mt. Evans in closed this time of year. There is just too much snow and the road has yet to be plowed.  This image was from a warm summer day, but early in the morning up above 14,000 ft. it can still be rather frigid.  I was up capturing the sunrise this morning and unfortunately there was a little too much cloud cover, but as I ventured around the mountain top in the blowing cold wind, the sun finally started to come up above the cloud cover. I loaded down the tripod with the weight of my camera bag and some rocks and was able to keep it steady enough to capture this image of the sun’s rays piercing through the clouds.  The valley floor was still fairly dark except for the patches of snow along the ground.

Sunrise view from the top of Mt.Evans, Colorado.  The sun is finally coming up over the cloud cover with rays of sunshine over the valley below.

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Year-end Review 2011

This year has really flown by!  I can’t believe it is the end of 2011 already.  I just want to take this time now to thank a fellow photographer, Justin Balog (Hossedia.com) for changing my life!  He’s not only been a huge influence  and help in terms of photography and my blog but if it wasn’t for his fitness challenge I probably wouldn’t have gotten up off my duff and gotten around to the many places that I visited this year.  Who would have thought I would have climbed up above 12,000 ft. this year and sat on top of Jones Pass taking pictures of the continental divide?  I don’t think I ever would have imagined doing that this time last year.  Justin, if your reading this, next veggie burger is on me!

Boy it was hard narrowing down images from this past year.  There are photos in this collection that were before my blog started so they maybe new to some of you readers. Some images have some sentimental reason behind the photos that made them ones I liked and other photos have been popular with my followers.  The Full 2011 Year-End Summary Collection is available for purchase in the Rick Louie Photography Store.

Some of you are asking about my iPhone images?  I’m going to present that album on my Facebook page just like I do every Saturday.  Head on over to the Hansrico Facebook page and give it a “Like” so you can see the iPhone 2011 Year-End review on New Year’s Eve.

Thanks again to all my clients, followers and fellow photographers for a fantastic 2011! We’ll see you back here in 2012!  Have a Happy New Year!

2011 Year End Summary Collection  

The Queen City - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.

Click to Enlarge - The Queen City - Panorama of Lower Downtown Denver - My Best Selling Image is currently being sold at American Furniture Warehouse Stores in Colorado

Leaving Union Station - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.

Click to Enlarge - Light Trails of a Light Rail Train Leaving Union Station in Downtown Denver

The Underground ©2011 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.

Click to Enlarge - The Underground - One of my favorite captures of a doorway in an alley in Downtown Denver

Burrard Reflective - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.

Click to Enlarge - Burrard Reflective - Long Exposure of Burrard Art Deco Bridge and downtown Vancouver, BC

The Flatirons - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.

Click to Enlarge - The Flatirons in Chautauqua Park, Boulder, Colorado - My first image to make Flickr Explorer Front Page

The Golden Gate Bridge -  ©2011 Hansrico Photograpy - All Rights Reserved.

Click to Enlarge - The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California

Sunset's Colors at Oxbow Bend

Click to Enlarge - The colors of sunset at Oxbow Bend in Grand Teton National Park


Sunflower Sunset - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved

Click to Enlarge - A sunflower field at sunset on the Eastern Plains of Colorado

Jones Pass - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.

Click to Enlarge - The view of the Continental Divide from the top of Jones Pass

Reflection Pool

Click to Enlarge - The light from the full moon reflecting off a pool of water after hiking down from Jones Pass

Vermillion Lakes - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.

Click to Enlarge - Sunrise at Vermillion Lakes in Banff, Alberta, Canada

Where the Buffalo Roam

Click to Enlarge - Bison grazing on the Open Range in Grand Teton National Park

The Big Apple

Click to Enlarge - The New York City Skyline as seen from Brooklyn, NY

Mesa Sunrise

Click to Enlarge - Sunrise at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park


Fury Road

Click to Enlarge - An open road just off of the River Road in the Castle Valley area just outside of Moab, Utah.

Lunar Eclipse

Click to Enlarge - The Lunar Eclipse as seen from Sloan's Lake in Denver, Colorado

Be sure to enter my New Year’s Giveaway 2012 and your chance to win my Sunflower Sunset print!

Sunflower Sunset - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.

Click to Enlarge - Sunflower Sunset - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.

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