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Field of Gold

It’s sunflower season again here in Colorado.  This year unfortunately has not been a very good crop. I was talking to a farmer that owns this particular field and he said they just didn’t have the moisture this year that was needed and the out of normal warm temperatures didn’t make for a particularly good crop this year. The sunflowers will be lucky to produce any seed this year. The sunflowers here are smaller than last year and many were already drooping or ready to droop without producing any seed, which is the what produces money for these farmers.

Are you wondering why the sunflowers aren’t facing the sun? Sunflowers as they are growing will face the sun. The stem and bud of the flower actually rotate during the day to always face the sun and return at night to face eastward.  Once the flower blooms, the rotation stops and the flowers will face east. The image below shows the sunflowers facing east away from the setting sun in the west. Though the crops may not be producing the necessary yields, they can still produce a nice landscape image. Here’s a field of gold as the sun was setting here in Weld County, Colorado.

Fields of Gold - Sunflowers at sunset on the eastern plains of Colorado

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The Living Dead

Here in the Rockies trees are blown over by the elements, sometimes by lighting or by high wind and many times with age trees will snap.  This particular tree stump still had life.  The evergreen like moss has taken over on a tree that no longer has life.  It gives it life and color and continues to multiply along the ridges and crevices of the tree that was once there.

This particular tree stump intrigued me.  Looking deep into the texture it almost appears as if it’s a scene from one of the Lord of the Ring movies.  This is just one of the scenes from my hike last week into Rocky Mountain National Park.

Tree Stump that has moss growing on it in Rocky Mountain National Park

Click to Enlarge - The Living Dead

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The Path

I hope everyone enjoyed the Memorial Day Holiday weekend (at least those here in the United States).  My wife, one of my daughters and I ventured up to Rocky Mountain National Park this weekend and did a moderate hike up to Bierstadt Lake.  It was a nice way to get away from town and start the summer off enjoying one the four national parks here in Colorado.

There is a little stream along the trail right before Bierstadt Lake with a wooden bridge path leading over the stream.  It was a welcome sign along the journey letting us know we were close to our destination. This hike was a nice way to kick off the summer hiking season.

The Path - A walking path on the trail to and from Bierstadt Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Click to Enlarge - The Path

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Lone Bison

I’m changing it up a bit and bringing you some wildlife today.  This image is so simplistic, but an image that could be interpreted to say so many things depending on the perspective.  I really like the compression brought to this image by the long lens and the layers it created.

My 70-200mm lens (and in this image used with a 2x Extender) has become one of my favorite lenses. It so versatile from capturing sports and action as well as being used for portraits. I love the fall off of the lens and the why it compresses images to isolate the subject. Here it is the Lone Bison from one of my favorite places, an open field near Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park.

Lone Bison in an open field in Grand Teton National Park

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Full Moon Rising

This past weekend Justin Balog and I met up with John De Bord up at Lookout Mountain to capture the full moon rising up off the horizon here in Denver.  Lookout Mountain is a Denver Mountain Park about 20 minutes west of Denver overlooking Golden, Colorado.  It was a favorite lookout point for the Ute Indians and is the burial site for “Buffalo Bill” Cody.

Today, Lookout Mountain is a great place to get a view of the Front Range and a great location for cyclists to challenge their riding skills.  This past year Lookout Mountain was part of the US Pro Cycling Championships. Funny thing that night I think we were the only ones there to view the full moon and the city. I also think the others weren’t having issues staying warm, if you know what I mean.

Full Moon over Golden viewed from Lookout Moutain, Colorado

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