Textures of the Night

I can’t leave you this week without sharing some of the wonderful textures I experienced up at Jones Pass.  Justin and I were doing long exposures after we came down from the pass and so I decided to move my camera frame just to the right of the bright moon and see what I could pick up between the peaks of the mountains in the distance.  I did notice there was some spectacular clouds, but wanted to see what the camera could pick up with a long exposure.  The final result was this spectacular image!  The layers of the different ranges of mountains in the distance combined with the snow and the clouds dancing off the mountain peak in the distance show exactly the depth of vista I experienced this weekend.

I hope you can get out this weekend and experience some of the beautiful scenery near you.  Have a great weekend!

Textures of the Night - ©Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.
Click to Enlarge - Textures of the Night - ©Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.

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8 thoughts on “Textures of the Night

  1. That is a fantastic, captivating shot. Beauitful work. Looks like it just goes on forever. I am heading to the Amalfi Coast in the early morning to catch the sunrise from Positano. Should be a good one! Have a good one as well!

  2. Spectacular shot for sure, Rick. I like how the eye is drawn into this and the colors are great. Got yourself a nice capture in this, my friend. Awesome work!

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