The Big Apple

This is just one of those shots I’ve wanted to capture ever since I learned how to do long exposure night photography. I just had to have this one in my portfolio so once I figured out where to shoot this image from all I had to do was plan it out.  Since I was near Penn Station I just hopped on the 2 train down to Henry and walked down to the Brooklyn Bridge Park. The park gives you a great view of the Manhattan skyline and views of the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges.

If you have the opportunity I suggest walking the Brooklyn Bridge. You get a great view and the Brooklyn Bridge is a magnificent structure. Since it was a nice evening I decided to walk back to over the bridge to Manhattan. The walk across the bridge is only about a mile.  They were doing some construction on the walkway and you could still smell the turpentine the evening I walked.  The wooden plank way is very nice and room for both walking and riding a bike.

I luckily had great weather the week I was in Manhattan.  This past weekend a snow storm hit the east coast and from reports it looks like many of the trees in Central Park were damaged.  That’s really too bad.  The colors were just starting to change when I was in the city.  Tomorrow I’ll share with you a slide show of some of the scenes I captured while in the city and give you a final look at New York.

New York City Skyline - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.
Click to Enlarge - New York City Skyline - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.

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12 thoughts on “The Big Apple

  1. Awesome shot of the skyline, Rick. So beautiful.

    I’ll be sure to work this area when I’m in Brooklyn the week after Thanksgiving. Hadn’t thought about walking the bridge but if the weather is half decent, I’m up for it.

    Good stuff, man.

  2. Great work my man! I remember you saying you weren’t going to have time to get out and shoot…..funny how things work? You can’t stop the Hansrico, you can only hope to contain him!

  3. Great night exposure, Rick! The night skyline of NYC never looked better. I finally got my remote timer… Now it’s a matter of plugging it in and making it work.

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