The Cisco Kid

There is an abandoned ghost town just across the border from Colorado inside Utah at I-70 and SR-128. The name of the town is Cisco and once served as a saloon and water filling station for the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad. The town died with the death of the steam engine and unfortunately since it’s so close to the freeway it’s been a victim of vandals and has succumb to damage and a place for abandoning cars.

I first heard of this wonderful town from Justin Balog and found it to be a treasure of scenery for rural/urban exploration photography and creating some excellent HDR work.  I think we later found out that there is still occupants in this town with some stern hand painted warnings of “Do Not Trespass”  and arrival of local law enforcement just as we were leaving.

This last adventure Justin and I played tour host to a number of HDR photographers so how could we not stop at Cisco.  Justin was nice enough to pose long enough for a 3-shot bracket in front of one of the abandoned cars in the area. I processed it using Nik Software’s HDR Pro and then warmed it up and applied a lighten/darken center with Color Efex Pro 4. I call this image The Cisco Kid.

The Cisco Kid
The Cisco Kid – Justin Balog in Cisco, Utah

Capture Notes:

  • So wish we could have taken a photo in that bad boy!

  • ljsaltiel

    That is a cool location that I have missed on my visits to the area Rick. Nice image of the Cisco Kid (now I have the old song going through my head).