The Heavens Open

It’s sunflower season here in Colorado and on the Eastern Plains outside of Denver fields of sunflowers are in full bloom. Sunflowers take up a lot of nutrients from the soil so every year the fields will move to a new location to allow for the fields to rest from the previous year. It’s always an adventure to find the first one, but once someone spots one and the word gets out people will flock to the fields to capture these amazing crops.

I was out at the race track near Byers this year and as I was driving back toward Denver I noticed the storm clouds forming on the horizon. I had a gut fielding it was going to be an amazing sunset that day so I headed out to the fields to see if I could capture them with some amazing light. I was blessed to see an amazing sunset. I’ll share a couple of images that were produced from the sunset this week.

This first one I call “The Heavens Open” and the “God Beams”, those streaming rays of light flaring out from the clouds like a fan as the storm clouds rolled over the fields of yellow sunflowers.

Sunshine pours out of storm clouds over a sunflower field near Denver, Colorado
The Heavens Open | Click to view large/purchase

This Friday I’ll be joining Justin Balog with The Photo Frontier for our Sunflower Jamboree. There will be a full moon that evening so not only will you be able to capture sunflowers but you can plan on a large moon rising from the horizon that evening as well. Click on the image below for more details. Hope to see you at the Jamboree!

Sunflower Jamboree
Sunflower Jamboree

Capture Notes:

  • Michael Criswell

    Dude, you nailed this one, these always make me so jealous

    • RickLouiePhoto

      Thanks Mike!