The River Road Pt. 1

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season! I had a fabulous Christmas day! It was nice to spend time with family and recharge the batteries! I was able to spend some time this weekend taking a hard look at my goals for myself and this photography business. I’m hoping they can become clear goals in the next week or two instead of pasta being thrown up against the wall to see if it sticks.

I thought this week I’d take you along the River Road, CR-128, just outside of Moab, Utah. This road is normally about a 2 hour scenic byway in Utah that takes you from Moab to and ghost town called Cisco which then ties you back to Interstate 70 on the way to Grand Junction, Colorado. You notice in the last sentence I said normally. Well this trip back from Utah this past November was in my opinion, not normal. The sky was spectacular that day and I couldn’t help but stop about every 1/4 mile or so to capture another wonderful scene. The River Road starts out by paralleling the Colorado River and gives you some breathtaking views of the surrounding red sandstone cliffs. The sky was just amazing during this afternoon drive. The total drive took me about 5 hours so I made plenty of stops along the way. This is a road I must visit again soon.

This first image is one of the many stops I made along the Colorado River. It was a beautiful 60 degree afternoon which was amazing for it being the last week in November. The clouds couldn’t be more beautiful that day. Simply an amazing sky!

Red Sandstone Cliffs
Click to Enlarge - Red Sandstone Cliffs - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.

Capture Notes:

  • BEautiful shot Rick. What a gorgeous place.

  • Nice shot!

  • Beautiful! Well done buddy, this looks fantastic.

  • Stunning shot Rick. The colors of the water, sky, and rock contrast nicely against one another.

  • Awesome shot, man. Really like how those clouds are drifting across the cliff and the river is gorgeous.

  • that is gorgeous Rick!!